Home Staging Tips in Palm Beach County- If You Must Leave Your Home Vacant, at Least Do These 6 Things!


These are some great pointers for those who must leave a vacant home for sale.  There are ways to make the most of that situation.  Read and follow Kathy’s tips and you’ll be just fine.

Via Kathy Streib-Home Stager-Palm Bch County South Florida – 561-914-6224 (Room Service Home Staging):

 Home Staging Tips in Palm Beach County- If You Must Leave Your Home Vacant, at Least Do These 6 Things!

If you are selling your home in Palm Beach County, or anywhere for that matter, it is usually best to show it furnished.  

However, there are situations where your property must be left vacant, and if you do here are 6 tips that will help your property in the “race for the sale”.

6 Tips for Selling Your Vacant Home:

1.  Make sure every inch of your property is white glove clean.  Because there is no furniture, your Buyer’s focus will be on the structure.  Dirt, cobwebs, and bad paint jobs will stand out like a sore thumb.  If you must, bring in a professional crew and get every inch clean!

window cleaning2. Get your windows sparkling clean!  This is imperative since your Buyer’s eyes will be drawn to the window and the outdoors.  And, if your home is on the market for any length, you may have to have them cleaned again.  If you have window coverings, make sure they are open for every showing.  

3.  Check all existing light fixtures and make sure they work and burned out bulbs are replaced.   This may be the only light available for your Buyer and even in sunny Florida, some of our cloudy days can make even the nicest home dark and dreary. 

4.  Do something with the miles of cable cords coming out of the walls!  This is so true in the Family Room and Master Bedroom where your cable cord may be the first thing a Buyer seesCords when they enter the room.  Is that the  all important first impression you want to leave?

5. Look Down!  Worn carpeting… chipped tiles... these will definitely be one of the first things your Buyer will see. To be sure, you can’t hide it and they will have to be addressed.. but give your Buyer some reason to want to buy your house!

6. Green it up!  When your Buyer looks out your CLEAN windows give them a view.  Check your hedges and plants.  When they look out your windows give them a view that will make them want to stay.  

 The main thing to remember is to remove any distractions a Buyer might see when viewing your property.  This holds true even if your home were staged, but is even more important when selling a vacant property. 


For more information contact your local Professional Home Stager! 



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