San Diego home inspections — Helping sellers, buyers, and their agents get along


This is a wonderful list for potential sellers to read and use as a guide to typical repairs that should be addressed prior to listing their property.  It’s a very thorough list.

Via Russel Ray, San Diego home inspector (Russel Ray, Property Consultant):

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Helping sellers, buyers, and their agents get along

I always get frustrated when somehow I get in the middle of battles betwen buyers, sellers, and their real estate agents, so following are some helpful hints if you’re a Seller, and some helpful hints for your Seller if you’re the agent.

Just like making the decision to sign listing papers or stage a home, Sellers can do some other simple things that can make the whole selling process go so much more smoothly. Those simple things are listed below. If you’re not comfortable doing something, hire a professional to do it.

All readers should feel free to reblog this list or otherwise take it, modify it for your local and state needs, put your name and logo on it, and pass it around as your own. If you want to credit me as the source, fine, but it’s more important that we try to get everyone to play nicely in the same sandbox together, and that includes real estate agents, home inspectors, buyers, and sellers. I think it can be done, but it starts with the Sellers!




  1. _____Does the doorbell work? Is it loose?
  2. _____From the ground, look at your roof for missing shingles.
  3. _____Are the gutters and downspouts loose, damaged, or clogged?
  4. _____Are ventilation screens at the attic gable and soffit vents in place and undamaged?
  5. _____Does water pond near the foundation after running the landscape irrigation or after it rains?
  6. _____Are there any cracks in the foundation walls?
  7. _____Can you see evidence anywhere of termites, wasps, spiders, or nests?
  8. _____Does any exposed wood need painting?
  9. _____Is there any wood in direct contact with soil, including fences and gates?
  10. _____Are there any wires (electric, cable, phone) hanging loose on the exterior siding?
  11. _____Are there any holes or other damage to siding, doors, and windows?
  12. _____Are any fence sections leaning, missing, or damaged?
  13. _____Do gates open and close without scraping the structure or the ground?
  14. _____Are exterior outlets protected from weather and not in permanent use for landscape lighting or irrigation controls?
  15. _____Are retaining walls cracked or leaning?
  16. _____Is vegetation overgrown, especially in walkways; growing on siding, roof, chimney, fences, or in gutters; or too close to utility lines?
  17. _____Are there trip hazards in walkways, driveways, and stairways  from deterioration, damage, or storage?
  18. _____Are guardrails and handrails loose or damaged at stairways, decks, balconies, and porches.
  19. _____Does the landscape lighting work?
  20. _____Does the irrigation system work without spraying on fences or buildings?
  21. _____Is the pool and spa in good condition and does the equipment work?
  22. _____Do ponds, fountains, and waterfalls work properly?
  23. _____Are ponds, fountains, and waterfalls protected from children?




  1. _____Are the towel holders and bathroom tissue holders damaged or missing?
  2. _____Are bathtubs, showers, and shower doors damaged?
  3. _____Are floor-to-ceiling windows and glass doors and walls tempered, including shower doors (look for safety seal in one of the corners)?
  4. _____Do carbon monoxide detectors work?
  5. _____Do smoke alarms work, and are they are present on each floor of multi-story houses and in each bedroom?
  6. _____Are kitchen and bathroom countertops loose?
  7. _____Do doors (including closet doors and cabinet doors), drawers, and windows work?
  8. _____Is there missing, loose, or damaged hardware on doors (including closet doors and cabinet doors), drawers (stops and guides), and windows.
  9. _____Are glass panes loose or cracked in windows and doors?
  10. _____Do latches/locks work on doors (including closet doors and cabinet doors), drawers, and windows?
  11. _____Are screen windows damaged?
  12. _____Is there excessive storage in closets, attic, or garage?
  13. _____Are there any holes or other damage to walls and ceilings?
  14. _____Are there any unexplained moisture stains on ceilings and walls; around doors and windows; near sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and showers; and near the dishwasher?
  15. _____Are guardrails and handrails in stairways loose, missing, or damaged?
  16. _____Are baseboards and door and window moldings loose, damaged, or missing?
  17. _____Are any tiles (floor, walls, and countertops) loose or damaged?
  18. _____Doo all kitchen appliances work?
  19. _____Is there an anti-tip device on the stove?
  20. _____Are filters in place and clean (kitchen range hood, heating/cooling, bathroom fans, etc.)?
  21. _____Is there soot, cobwebs, or wildlife in the fireplace and lower areas of the chimney?
  22. _____Does the fireplace damper open and close easily?
  23. _____Do you have any manufacturer installation guides, user guides to provide to your buyer?
  24. _____Do you have any architectural drawings for renovations to provide to your buyer?
  25. _____Do you have any receipts or warranty papers for any work done on the property, particularly for inspections and work done to prepare the property for sale?




  1. _____Are there seismic straps on the water heater?
  2. _____Do all the stoppers work in bathtubs and sinks?
  3. _____Are any drains clogged or abnormally slow?
  4. _____Are any toilet seats loose or damaged?
  5. _____Are faucets dripping or leaking around the base?
  6. _____Do your faucet handles have a stop action on them?
  7. _____Are any hot and cold water pipes reversed at sinks, bathtubs, or showers? (Cold on the right, hot on the left!)
  8. _____Is the caulk or grout in sinks, bathtubs, and showers all black and cracked? 
  9. _____Do you have safe and easy access to water shutoff valves (street curb, water heater, sinks, toilets, etc.).
  10. _____Do you have safe and easy access to gas shutoff valves (meter, furnace, water heater, etc.).
  11. _____Are toilets loose at the floor?
  12. _____Are toilet tanks loose?




  1. _____Do you have safe and easy access to electric panels?
  2. _____Do ceiling fans work on all speeds?
  3. _____Do ceiling fans wobble or make weird noises? 
  4. _____Are all light bulbs working?
  5. _____Do you have any damaged or loose outlets or light switches, including covers for outlets and switches?
  6. _____Do you have a lot of extension cords and outlet multipliers?
  7. _____Do all outlets work?
  8. _____Do you have outdated two-prong outlets?
  9. _____Do you have GFCI outlets in the kitchen, bathrooms, garage, and exterior?
  10. _____Do exhaust fans work in kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry area?
  11. _____Do all electrical junction boxes have covers?


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