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This is a very important post with information that everyone with small children should read.  Keep your children safe and pay attention to open windows.  Screens are for bugs and not to keep children from falling.

Via Anne Ortiz (Maximum One Realty Greater Atlanta):

Yes, Autumn is upon us and the weather is still pleasantly mild in some parts of the country.  Open your windows and let your home inhale the clear , fresh air.  If you have little ones, however, be sure to take precautions to keep them safe.  Each year there are about a dozen deaths and several thousand injuries to children, mainly under the age of five, due to falls from windows in both single family homes and apartments.  Even a fall from a one story window can have serious consequences.

Unfortunately, too many people assume that window screens can prevent falls.  Screens are not strong or secure enough to provide fall protection.  Window guards, which can be easily installed, will avert this problem.

Simply, window guards are horizontal bars that must meet requirements for spacing and strength.  They are fastened to the side of a window frame, no more than four inches apart,  with hardware that cannot be easily removed by young children.  Most guards are sold in different sizes to accomodate different type windows and are adjustable for width.  Window stops that prevent the window from opening more than four inches can be used as an alternative.  Some new windows come with window stops already installed for use in fall protection.

For added protection, open windows from the top rather than the bottom.  Keep furniture and large toys away from windows to discourage children from climbing up to the windows.  In mid or high rise buildings, install window guards that adults and older children can open in case of fire.

A few simple precautions will keep your family safe and allow them to enjoy this delightful season!

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