Twenty (20) Years in the Business Does Not a Mentor Make


Years in the business mean nothing unless there is education and dedication that go along with it.  Mentoring is important, but that mentor needs to be selected with the utmost of care.

Via Charita Cadenhead, Bham Broker/Property Manager (Bham WIiRE Realty, LLC (Sales & Property Management)):

Twenty (20) Years in the Business Does Not a Mentor Make (30DC25)

Every now and then we run across the real estate agent that boast “I’ve been doing this for 20 years” as if to say, look here Rookie I stopped learning years ago so there is nothing you can tell me about this business.  There’s an heir in their tone that is really saying “just sit back and take notes and watch my smoke.”

When someone makes an unwarranted point of pointing out their longevity in the business it always makes me wonder if they feel that they’ll garner instant respect.  Is an auto pilot announcement really warranted or should their actions be reflective of your unspoken claim?

I have never had a mentor (directly) but I’ve taken notes in the background.  I’ve watched performers with positive energy, a master plan, good habits that consistently reap results, and I’ve adopted some of the best practices of these producers.

I don’t make the claim that I’ve never had a mentor as some sort of statement that I’m “all of that” even without having had a one on one mentor relationship.  Not having a mentor may have been my saving grace in that now my knowledge base is broader than any one person could have ever provided.   And as I have only been in the business for 5 years, I am still a mentee being educated by mentors that are available at my beck and call. I’m not pigeoned holed into being paired with a single person, affiliated with a single company. 

I can learn whenever I feel like it.  I can pick and choose the best practices for me and my business from multiple sources .

We’re in a business that is constantly changing and selecting a mentor requires evaluating that person and listening for cues that will let you know if they are changing with the times or stuck in a time warp.   Is the mentor open to new ideas and willing to incorporate some of the old school lessons with the new school.  Does the mentor seem like the type that will allow you to bring something to the table by way of knowledge and/or youth if that’s the case.

I have not mentored anyone and may not be in a position to do so at this moment.  But what I will always bring to the table is an open mind and a mind that is willing to absorb new things like a sponge or surround myself with people who will or are willing to do likewise.  Even if I don’t agree or initially grasp a concept, does not mean I’m not willing to go out on a limb and give it a try.  I do believe that there are no rewards without some risk.

My name is Charita Cadenhead and I’ve been a real estate agent for 5 years.  Although I am a broker/owner, I don’t know everything there is to know and the funny thing is that I don’t know of anyone who does.

If you are seeking a mentor, I know where you can find one or many:



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