Prospect….Blog…..Survive….Tough To Set The World On Fire Today!!


Blogging today will create business for us now and in the future. 

Via Barbara Todaro (RE/MAX Executive Realty in Franklin, Ma):

Are there any real estate agents today setting the world on fire?  I think not.  It’s tough to start a fire unless there is dry kindling.  Most of the standing wood is “underwater!!”  Survival is the name of the game today, and there are many options available to those who have developed a sense of dedication to marketing over the years.

Prospecting has become second nature for those who are attuned to the back to basics methods. It is now a back to basics real estate environment.  The prices have declined, and in some areas, as much as the original price during the 1950’s!!!  My marketplace has not declined to that degree, but we don’t know what the future holds.

Prospecting everyday is essential to maintain business.  Every deal must be handled as if it were your last one.  We never know when the next one will surface.  This market is not for the weak.  Agents must be resilient and weather the long storm.  Keep working!  Establish a routine everyday and work your system. 

Make sure blogging is a major component.  Internet marketing will save you.  I believe that as the non producing agents eliminate themselves or are eliminated by their broker/owners, Internet marketing will become more competitive.  Eventually, the majority of agents who continue to work under distressed market conditions will find that they now need to improve their blogging skills to rank highly with search engines.  It’s another survival skill that will continually need improving.  Practice makes perfect, so keep on blogging.





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