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Wow…now that’s what I call a very complete list of topics from which to choose to blog.  If someone can’t make a selection from this, there’s no hope for that person. I’ll bookmark this blog.

Via KERRY LUCASSE – Your Intown Atlanta Real Estate Consultant (Keller Williams Peachtree Rd):

Have a case of “Blogger’s Block”?   Atlanta real estate blog

Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to break through our “Block” and come up with new things to write about.  I thought it might be fun to come up with a list of 101 ideas that we could refer back to in the future and keep our blogs fresh, interesting and helpful…

101 Ideas for Your Blog

  1. Metro Area Quarterly Market reports
  2. Neighborhood Market Reports / Sales Data
  3. How’s the Market in XYZ Neighborhood?
  4. Home buyer incentives
  5. Interest rate changes (or forecasted changes)
  6. Changes in current legislation (that would be important to home buyers or home owners)
  7. 10 Things to Consider When Buying a Condo
  8. 10 Things to Consider When Buying Your First Home
  9. 10 Things to Consider When Buying a Short Sale
  10. 10 Things to Consider When Buying a Foreclosure Home
  11. For Buyers – 10 Reasons Why to Buy a Home this Year
  12. For Buyers – What Expenses to Expect When Purchasing your Home or Condo
  13. For Buyers – Tips for Interviewing a REALTOR
  14. For Buyers – The importance of hiring a home inspector
  15. For Buyers – Improving your credit score / preparing for homeownership
  16. For Buyers – Checklist for home ownership
  17. For Buyers – Financing options (Conventional Loans, FHA, 403b Streamline, HomePath, etc)
  18. For Sellers – Tips for Interviewing a REALTOR
  19. For Sellers – Avoiding foreclosure
  20. For Sellers – Staging your home to sell
  21. For Sellers – Pricing your home to sell
  22. For Sellers – What NOT to do when selling your home
  23. For Sellers – Preparing the FRONT of your home for sale (clean windows, doors, lights, etc)
  24. For Sellers – 10 Most important marketing tools when selling your home
  25. For Sellers – De-personalize your home before putting it on the market
  26. For Sellers – Home improvements that will increase the value of your property
  27. For Sellers – Is this the right time to sell your home?
  28. For Sellers – Why isn’t my home selling?
  29. For Sellers / Listing Agents – The importance of using a professional photographer
  30. Why Buyers and Sellers need a real estate professional
  31. Just Listed home
  32. Just Sold home
  33. Under Contract home
  34. Success Stories (i.e. Toot your own horn!)
  35. Marketing Tips – Promoting your business and listings on Facebook
  36. Marketing Tips – Using new techonology to promote your listing… or your business
  37. Deal of the Week (highlight best buys in your area)
  38. Condominium Complex of the Week
  39. Subdivision of the Week
  40. Neighborhood of the Week
  41. Townhome Community of the Week
  42. For Homeowners – Reminders to apply for Homestead Exemption (in Georgia)
  43. For Homeowners – Updates on County or City Property Taxes and Milage Rates
  44. For Homeowners – Going Green
  45. For Homeowners – Rebates on energy-efficient items for the home
  46. Hyper-Local – Neighborhood of the Week
  47. Hyper-Local – Suburb of the Week
  48. Hyper-Local – Things to do in your neighborhood (parks, playgrounds, etc)
  49. Hyper-Local -Highlight a local business in your neighborhood
  50. Hyper-Local -Promote a special event in your neighborhood
  51. Hyper-Local -Promote a special person in your neighborhood who is committed to helping others
  52. Hyper-Local – A tour of your neighborhood (using photos or video)

WHEW — I made it to #52!

If you have any blog ideas you would like to add, PLEASE DO!  

I will post them all in “Part Two” of Let’s Get Blogging later this week.



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