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Via Paige Walker, Broker and Owner – Your Louisiana Real Estate Connection (Century 21 Millennium):

In the last few years we have seen it happen, the unforeseen events that lead to your home being destroyed. Whether by natural disaster, fire, burgularly or an accident….you could lose everything.  Some items in your home could never be replaced, for all the rest hopefully you have insurance.

If you lost everything would you be able to sit down AFTER the FACT and make a list of EVERYTHING in your home. Try as we might, I just don’t think it’s possible. Not to mention you will not be in your perfect state of mind. This is the reason it is so important to have a Home Inventory of all of your belongings.

If you don’t have a Home Inventory it might can be a little overwhelming how to start.


Well don’t fret….CLICK HERE! www.StuffSafe.com is Home Inventory made EASY! It will walk you through the complete process, upload photos, include serial numbers and additional information. Once your finished you can download the file, print it, or just leave it on the very secure server. Which really makes perfect sense because if your home is destroyed and your Home Inventory was inside the home, well you see my point…..

Another cool thing is that you can give access to your Home Inventory to your insurance agent, other family members, friends. They can log in online with their own password and will only be able to view the inventory and will not be able to add, delete or change anything.

Still not sure about having a Home Inventory ponder these facts:

  • An up to date inventory can help you make sure you have the correct amount of homeowners/renters insurance.
  • Help you get your insurance claim settled faster when you have a complete inventory of your home at your fingertips.
  • Help you to verify your losses on your tax return.
  • In the event of a complete loss of your home, your inventory is safe online and can be accessed from any computer that has Internet access.

Go to www.StuffSafe.com and start your Home Inventory…did I mention that it’s FREE!!!


***UPDATE ***

 I have set for re-blog, sorry about that!!  In addition I noticed some are worried about the security aspect of having their inventory online!

All you have to do to register is give a user name and password. NO WHERE DO YOU GIVE YOUR ACTUAL NAME, YOUR ADDRESS OR EVEN THE STATE YOU LIVE IN!! So I don’t really see the risk. I love that you can give your family or insurance agent their own user name and password for their file so they can pull up a READ ONLY file of your contents. That’s pretty cool. They can not make any changes or additions to your inventory but they can see the complete list. LOVE IT.

I am about 1/3 complete on mine. My husband is the District Manager of an Insurance Company and he thinks it is terrific, but we do wonder why they don’t charge for the service!


Paige Walker, Broker and Owner of Century 21 Millennium, Pineville, LA

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