Home Improvements that Have Lost Their Luster


Claudette provides a great list of home improvements that were previously very popular and now have been eliminated from the list of amenities that add value to your home.

Via Claudette Millette – Metrowest Mass Buyer Broker (The Buyers’ Counsel):

Home ImprovementsHome Improvements that Have Lost Their Luster 

These days, home owners are focusing more on adding items which will expand the enjoyment of their abode rather focusing on improving its resale value. As we all know, many expensive improvements can actually end up providing very little return in the end. 

Updated kitchens and baths remain hot items and will always help with resale at some point. However, some of the projects that were often done in the past have begun to decline in popularity since they add very little the eventual bottom line. 

  1. Hot tubs – Once thought of as a very “hot” item, these huge home spas now seem to transport one’s deck or backyard back into the 1980’s.  Although some people still derive benefit from the relaxation and massage action of the jets, the hydrotherapy devices need to be weighed against the exorbitant cost of maintaining them.  I have yet to hear a buyer claim enthusiasm for a home because it has a hot tub.  More often the questions arises, “Do you think they will mind taking that thing out of here?”
  2. Marble Counters – A luxurious and beautiful substance to be sure, but when thinking about this choice for a kitchen, one has to weigh out the upkeep that these surfaces need to maintain their appeal.  On top of the expense marble is easily scratched and damaged. 
  3. Home Theaters – Why go out when you have the ultimate movie experience right in your own home?  It made perfect sense for awhile.  However, these single-purpose rooms with cinema seating, red carpeting, elaborate sound-proofing and Blu-ray projectors come at hefty price tag – often $25,000 or more.  If you are an extreme movie buff these private screening rooms may be worth the price. However, they are not really adding much to a home’s final value.
  4. Deck off of the Master Bedroom –  “Juliet” decks were very romantic and people always loved to picture themselves out on the deck with their morning coffee. The reality is that for their additional expense and maintenance most people never actually venture out onto them.
  5. Whirlpool baths – usually Jacuzzis, have become part of the standard package for an upscale home and most people still expect to see them in a master suite.  However, when asked, most owners of whirlpool tubs rarely use them.  We often see evidence of this at home inspections.  The inspector has to flush out the dust and dirt from the jets since they have been sitting idle for so long. 

tennis courtStill, we all have our dreams, as impractical as they may be.  I continue to envision my own private regulation-sized tennis court even though it would completely consume my entire back yard.  

I am still thinking about it. 


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