Does Your “Professional” Photo Look Like A Facebook Picture?


Via Lisa Hill (Daytona Beach Real Estate) (Florida Property Experts):

professional family real estate photoIn the last few days, as I’ve been perusing and commenting on different blogger’s posts, I happened to stop in my tracks, as I noticed far too many times that the intended “professional” photo we should have on our real estate blogs looked more like a picture I would have on my Facebook page. Is it just me, or do these pictures actually lower the level of professionalism on our blogs? Shouldn’t a potential client see a quality photo that says “I’m a professional”?

Now I admit that I’m a very visual person. Half the time I build a blog post around a photo, instead of the other way around. But if I feel that way, then there are certainly many others who feel the Lisa Hill-Facebook photosame! If you only knew how much time I put into painstakingly getting professional photos that I feel are a good representation of my business persona, as opposed to the quick, and/or silly shots I place on my Facebook wall!

So again I ask, “Is it just me?”  What are your thoughts on this subject? Don’t you want your potential clients to see you as a professional and not just someone they might run across on Facebook? The only exceptions I can think of are my personal friends and family members who will do business with me regardless… and are already among my Facebook friends!Lisa Hill-Daytona Beach area REALTOR

But that leaves out the other part of the equation… the people who will NOT automatically be my clients! What good does it do you to have good SEO, if when you’re found, the first thing that is seen is… well… a Facebook shot that you probably took of yourself, with your arms extended, and a strange look on your face?

And all that brings me back to; is it just me? Or do some supposedly “business” pictures look highly unprofessional? And for the record, I’m not talking about the casual pictures we have taken with local scenery in the background, which are part of our personal branding.

If you’re not sure what I mean, just use my own examples. Can you guess which pictures I use on Facebook, and which ones I use for business?

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