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The Bidet

Recently I showed a home with a Bidet to a client who remarked, “I wouldn’t know how to use it”. I had never had to explain it’s use before, and was a bit uncomfortable, so I just told her it was used to clean the lower body parts. Later, I emailed her and her husband the url to an article explaining it’s use.

Knowing that most all homes in the lower price ranges do not have Bidet’s, and that many people don’t know what they are, or how to use them, prompted me to write this article.




The Bidet was invented around the 1700-1800 century, and it’s unsure exactly who is credited with that invention, although there are a couple names banded about.

The word Bidet originally meant a small horse, and is pronounced “bee day”. The first Bidets were used by French Cavaliers who didn’t have time to take full baths but needed to clean their lower body parts due to perspiration from always being in contact with their saddles.



With the exception of North America, the Bidet has become a common household accessory in many countries around the world. However, it seems that In North America the Bidet is mostly used in upper price range and custom homes. Perhaps one reason is that builders don’t want to add that extra expense onto the price of their homes.

PURPOSEModern bathroom with bidet

The purpose of the Bidet is to assist the user in maintaining a constant state of hygiene. Those who have grown accustomed to using the Bidet state that it should be considered a household necessity and not thought of as a luxury item.

Those who do not use Bidets use toilet paper, and it’s obvious that the rough paper cannot do the same thorough job of cleaning the body after elimination that water can.


The Bidet is designed to clean either the rectal area, or the frontal genital area, depending on which way one faces. It is designed for the use of both men and women.

Facing to the rear will clean the rectal area, and facing to the front will clean the genital area. Note: some Bidet’s may be constructed differently. But you can figure it out easily.

Cat in BidetFirst the water is adjusted to the proper temperature. Then the person sits, turns on the water and cleans the body area. After cleaning, a soft towel is used to dry. It’s all very simple and fast.

This is a much better hygienic method than using only dry toilet paper. Toilet paper may be decorated, and may be perfumed and soft, but nonetheless, it is only dry paper, and does not do a good job of cleaning.


Since there are no lids on Bidets, your enterprising cat may find it a geat place to cool off and take a nap on a hot summer day.


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