Don’t Let The Bad Apples Spoil The Bunch


Via Gary Woltal – Associate Broker REALTORĀ® Dallas Ft. Worth (Keller Williams Realty):

Bad AppleIn real estate offices across the land and in companies, and organizations and all sorts of teams and even family relationships, you are eventually going to have to confront the bad apples in the mix. Work hard and

Don’t Let The Bad Apples Spoil The Bunch.

In nature, in a barrel of good apples, with just ONE rotting apple seated up against the bunch too close, the poisonous effects of that tainted apple will affect the others making them go sour.

So as simple a concept that keeping the bad apple away is, keep these things in mind:

1. What is a bad apple? Anyone that creates a toxic relationship to another or to the team unit. Negativity, poor work habits, lack of discipline, being excessively loud and not listening, superiority attitudes, people who want to UNDERMINE the efforts of others…

2. How do you keep the stench from rotting the cores of the good team? First recognize the bad apples. Then, DISTANCE yourself from them best you can. Even isolate them with other duties from the core team. If you are in a hiring position, get them to improve or get rid of them. They are a drag on your energy and your productivity.

3. Finally, reward good behavior. Behavior in many instances follows rewards, money, appreciation, and accolades. The rotten to the core people will change or leave if they are not getting their warm fuzzies. No bending of the rules or exceptions for the bad apple. Consistency in the rules of the game are critical for all members of a team.

In the end you are creating an environment of appreciation, high productivity, and goodwill for a job well done. Bad apples CANNOT thrive when the bunch is so solidly flavorful.

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