Beware the Dragon Ladies of Real Estate


Via Ruthmarie Hicks (Keller Williams Realty):

Dragon Ladies of Real estateIt is my sincere hope that this is received in the manner with which it was intended.  It is not at all a slam at long-time agents.  Some of these long-time agents that are now approaching retirement are wonderful professionals.  They may no longer be in the game full- time, but when they do work, they are professional, helpful, they may not be web-savvy, but they know what they are doing and have excellent follow-through.

And then there is the real estate dragon lady.  I think most markets know who she is.  She stands apart from the average long-time agent.  In fact she makes sure you KNOW how long she has been selling homes. Just in case you forget, she reminds you ever other sentence throughout the negotiation.  She wants you to know that you aren’t dealing with just any other agent.  She knows her worth because she is a tough negotiator.  Indeed she has managed to scare away three prior buyers on her prized listing because their requests were so outlandish.  But she took care of that and now they are gone.  I am the next batter up – with a couple that is eager to purchase their first home.

I was looking at one agent’s profile the other day and she proudly proclaimed that people had judged her to be the most aggressive agent in several counties!  The obvious conclusion consumers should draw is that out and out aggressiveness is
synonymous with being a good negotiator.

Sample Dialogue:

Agent:  “My first transaction was in 1910 and things were done the right way back then.  We KNEW what we were doing and were better trained.  We knew how to dress. In the winter we wore fur coats and  we always had high-heeled shoes even after an ice storm.”

Me:  “I don’t generally wear high heels, as to the fur coat – its June.”

Agent:  “In all my 100 years as and active agent I have NEVER heard a request like this! It’s outrageous!” 

Me: “Really? To confirm the HVAC system is functioning properly after an inspection flags it  is outrageous?”

Agent: “Did I tell you that I’ve been selling real estate since long before you were born?”

Me: “Yes you did, but that doesn’t have anything to do with allow a specialist to inspect the system.”

Agent:  “it’s ridiculous – my seller had the system inspected three years ago and its fine! I’ve been listing homes for a century now – no one asked me to do this in  1910!”

“There was no central AC back in 1910 – so freon leaks weren’t an issue.”

You get the picture.

Is this really productive?  To me a real estate negotiation should be a win-win for all parties?  Does it hurt the negotiation to be pleasant and reasonable?  Could it not even help you be a better agent?  After all, the job at hand is to sell the home.  If you are listing a home and other agents cringe when they see your name on the listing sheet – could this not discourage offers?  Particularly in a time when there is enough inventory on the market  that buyers think they are kids in a candy store.

Food for thought – Dragon Ladies take note – except the other thing about the Dragon Ladies of real estate is that most don’t read blogs – or even go online if they can get away with it.

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