(Slurping Hot Black Coffee) The Active Rain Retreat With Brokers Around A Real Estate Group Camp Fire A Success.


Andrew did a great post on FSBO’s….they are a tough breed.

Via Andrew Mooers | Northern Maine Real Estate / Aroostook County Broker (MOOERS REALTY):

The Active Rain brokers, agents, REALTORS rolled in with loaded mini vans, leased exotic cars, pickups with more than one non matching colored fenders, in a cloud of stirring, swirling dust.

camp fire Like being marooned with Ginger, MaryAnn, Gilligan, Skipper, etc this was a motley bunch. Road weary, ship wrecked in a box canyon away from cell phone reception, below real estate radar for any loved ones, bankers, lawyers, buyers or sellers to find, text, fax, call, visit. Transported to a place with nothing but dirt, cactus, a setting sun but a stool by a roaring fire with a steaming cowboy coffee pot.

Each agent, broker, REALTOR dutifully filed in a line, selecting the next available stool for this AR fireside chat. Today’s topic without distraction was scribbled on a big white sheet of paper, propped on a rickety easel. Reading “Hunting, tracking, chasing the elusive FSBO (For Sale By Owner) real estate seller.” Many agents whimpered how they would rather have a root canal or colonoscopy than visit, contact the FSBO. Not wishing to go near them. Keeping them away with ten foot insecuity poles.

Some species of FSBO using the tattered orange, black, white For Sale sign cock eyed in their front yards surrounded by weeds out of sheer frustration because after three brokers, agents, REALTORS, no spark, no sale.

Not many showings had happened. Nothing promised over and over actually delivered. Taking the marketing matter in to his own hands out of desperation. The property not selling because the first real estate agent, broker asked the seller what he thought the property was worth. Rather than showing him the market comparable sales mls data, competing property listings. Won the listing, no hope of a sale though with way way too many zero places in the sales price, the mls propaganda. Everything on hold, the property mold starting to grow here (Jimmy, throw up the 60 Minutes like stop watch graphic).

The second agent promising the moon, smiling confidently. As he claimed this, this and this incredible marketing difference between himself and the guy just peeling out of the yard with the Country 22 rusted sign hanging precariously from the back of his H3 sport utility. The one with the unflattering mustard yellow vehicle brand wrap that hurt your eyes like the sun if looked at directly. A year goes by, no sale, no calls, no showing and Broker number two who said he tries harder even starts avoiding the seller if he sees him at the local Walmart, local church bean supper, little league game, etc. Afraid of the seller he woo’ed to get the listing. (More tick tick passage of time sound) Broker three summoned by the seller when the listing expired on the over priced, under marketed soon to be FSBO home. The one with shelf life stigma growing like mold all over the place. Radiating an eerie glow to buyers, neighbors who wonder if the place is haunted, causing the stall, delay, pregnant property transfer pause.

The over priced property also causing a cancer in the real estate pricing community of sellers too. Other listing after listing presentations fielded the same remark from property owners that “if Zeke Grendell’s place is worth that much, then double that figure when you scribble in the price on that mls listing agreement on my place.” Other values out of whack because Zekester’s shack is not worth that many zeros, commas. Because desire to bag a listing caused broker one to agree to any price. The second lady broker failing to show the market value. Further whispering sweet nothings in the ear of that seller by Broker three promising them what the owner wanted to hear but that was not a possible delivery in the local real estate market. More coffee? Some beef jerky? ( as the crackling fire winds down, a distant wolf howled under a full moon, star filled night of stars plastered twinkling on a sky of black velvet as cooler air rolls in.)

What would you do as the seller, property owner? Three years of real estate brokerage down the drain. Your faith in local real estate practitioners would be at an all time low after years of twiddling your thumbs, being in limbo.

All FSBO’s are not just out to save a commission. They like most sellers, want to move on. Change addresses.

Need to sell. They take back the controls. If they are the variety that ignore your real estate valuation cma wisdom and state they want seven and eight times the real value, walk. No, run away and waste no more time on this avenue when your time is better spent with seller’s that literally say “you’re the expert, know the market”. Maine, happiness is not out of reach here. We wrestle real estate a little different too. Not just wanting to list and hoping for a pie in the sky sale that can never happen. Who are you fooling when you star in that tragedy with all that time wasting, gut wrenching emotional ending drama?

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers.

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